Subskate Savior Water Skateboard is the most buoyant and sink free floating Subskate Savior Water Skateboard in the World for water environments. The Subskate Savior Water Skateboard is made in the USA.
The AquaLog is the only residential pool toy that allows you to act like a real Lumber Jack on a floating Log in the field. Run over it and Roll it around. One of the best new water toys in the World for your swimming pool or open body of water.
Add extra floatation and traction to your Aqua Log and travel across the water by running. Traction to your Aqua Log to travel across the water.
Floating Golf Island Description: Make the pool your own private golf course with the EVA Water Sports, backyard Golf Game. This floating mat lets you chip in shots and offers a challenging way to hone some skills and have some fun. Velcro on the...